We’re delighted that the video for our first single William (I Feel Ordinary) has been launched on The Line of Best Fit. The song is the first track from our upcoming album Last Chance Radio, to be released in 2016. You can watch the video below:


About The Video

william-video-harry-clayton-wright-1The video was directed by visual genius Eduardo Fitch, and has as its subject the brilliant Harry Clayton-Wright. We asked Eduardo and Harry to explain some of the ideas behind the video, so over to them.

Eduardo Fitch: I moved to London a couple of years ago and I found the easiest way to make friends was through social media; in this case, twitter. This is where I ended up befriending Harry Clayton-Wright – a performer, a LOVELY human being and a queer artist.

Harry Clayton-Wright: Digital community has always been a massive part of who I am and I’d been following Eduardo online for a few years. I’ve have always loved his eye for aesthetic, detail and creativity. We’d discussed the possibility of working together one day and when he excitedly sent me the song ‘William’, I instantly fell in love with both the music and his idea for a visual story.

Eduardo Fitch: After listening to the song – it was very clear in my head that I wanted Harry to perform in the video. I wanted to dedicate the song both to him and to everyone who has had to overcome adversity while discovering who they are, which is why I cast Harry as the main subject of this video, I saw him as William, in my head. Harry has a tumblr full of his pictures (and some other gorgeous naked men). Someone once asked about his aesthetics (lots of nudity and sexual explicit imagery) and beliefs – he answered very honestly about his life story and explained about the struggles he went through. I follow him on every social media account, and I’ve seen the things people write to him – how they feel they know him just through what the images they see online.

william-video-harry-clayton-wright-2Harry Clayton-Wright: Having written online about struggling to come to terms with who I am, in regards to my representation of sexuality and gender identity, I really identified with the lyrics and felt honoured to not only be allowed, but actively encouraged, to use that within our interpretation. All with such love and support from Munro Fox.

Eduardo Fitch: The video represents a journey from self discovery to being happy and comfortable to show who you are in the real world. I wanted to represent that journey as something really happy but that includes a transition to reality.

Harry Clayton-Wright: I am so pleased with what we made. A beautiful video that comes from a place of creating your own definition of what feeling ordinary might mean to you. Overcoming the idea you have to subscribe to the status quo and can easily and happily make your own rules to live by. I hope people enjoy the message of love and personal acceptance that is embedded within the visuals of this gorgeous song. It is truly an honour to have brought it to life.


Munro Fox also want to express our huge thanks and gratitude to Terry Murphy and all at WTS Broadcast for supporting us in making this video.

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